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Ideal Performance State

ideal performance state

The state which we feel that we perform at our best with confidence is our ideal performance state. Also referred to as “flow” or “the zone” this ideal performance state is almost like things happen so smoothly that you even lose track of time. Nothing is going to distract you and you are ready for […]

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Cue Words

cue words

Try it now….. think of a word that has more meaning to it than the word itself. For example you might say ….. “game” which really can mean…. re focus back on the field or playing surface and listen for sounds of the game and your opponents or teammates to stop the elements outside of […]



Relaxation skills can be simply taking a deep breath and letting all of the air in your lungs out and consciously feeling your shoulders relax as you tell yourself its aaaaaaaaall goooood. Keeping things in perspective meaning that there are other things in life besides this one moment if this one moment happens to be […]

Self Talk

self talk

Are you aware of how you talk to yourself during competition and training? Are you aware of how you talk to yourself in your daily life?  Self Talk is the way we tell ourselves if we are doing well at a task, if we feel we are doing poorly at a task and sometimes even […]

Goal Setting

goal setting

Goals are what we strive toward. Goal setting is how we achieve those goals and is determined by our planning process and the steps that we take in that planning. Goals  setting must be attainable, measurable, and must be occasionally evaluated to determine if you are on the right track. If we set goals that are simply […]



We communicate every day and sometimes times in every hour of the day while we are awake weather we know it or not. Communication is being able to communicate with intent and with a goal in mind. We want to be able to get the correct message across depending on the situation and the relationship we have […]