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Mental Training for Coaches

Mental Training for Coaches

Mental Training is a tool that is still under utilized by many coaches and athletes in sport.  What is also and even more under utilized is mental training for coaches.  Our ability as leaders is dependent on our psychological preparedness and confidence as much as it is for the athletes.  Use mental training skills and strategies […]

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Coaching Mental Skills

coaching mental training

Taking a team through a mental training program can be a difficult task even for the best of coaches.   Coaching mental skills is as important as coaching technical and tactical skills.  Especially when your opponents skills are similar to your athletes abilities. Coaching Mental Skills Elements Goal Setting Dream Goal(s) The first time you […]

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Sport Distractions

sport distractions

The ability to maintain focus on a specific task or object is concentration. The ability to move that concentration depending on the activity and task at hand is focus. They go together when dealing with sport distractions and are equally important to success. Sport Distractions Strategies There are 4 types of focus and they all […]

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Mental Training

Mental Training

Whether you are an athlete or a coach, mastering the mental game of sport will allow you to improve as a competitor. You can use mental training in many ways including all at the same time, or you can add them to skills you already have. The Importance of Mental Training Skills Yogi Bera has been quoted as […]