Beginning Mental Training Skills


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Why Beginning Mental Training Skills?

Mental training is something that everyone does at some point in their lives and for various reasons.  Transferring your skills from sport to life will allow you to enhance your life’s experiences through your sport experiences.  How perfect is that?

Who can benefit from mental training?

It is true.  All athletes at all levels can benefit from this awesome sports enhancement tool.  Mental training requires only one thing……. desire.  The desire to take advantage of everything that you have access to in order to improve and to take control of your own development as a sport participant.  You don’t have to be an elite athlete or even a semi competitive athlete to take advantage of the benefits that mental training can provide for you.  If you are a recreational athlete mental training might benefit you even more than the elite athlete because the skills can help to enjoy the sport experience the way it was intended when the you first agreed to sign up to play with your friends. You may not realize it but mental training is even more a part of our daily lives than we might realize.  The 8 year old that is excited about Disneyland is almost feeling the experience and seeing mickey mouse in his mind as he is jumping up and down when you tell him “We are going to Disneyland!”  – awesome.  How many times have you felt anxiety at work or when going on a first date?  What about that meeting at the bank with the mortgage broker? … you can hardly even contain yourself as you are preparing to fill out the forms for your approval.

The goal of this book is to prepare you for your season and then to allow you to refine your mental skills as your most important competition approaches.


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